Today’s imagery sparks tomorrow’s ideas

Illustration for the cover of the 2022-2023 catalog of Quebec and Franco-Canadian publishing houses, created by Quebecois illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier. A giant house framework is surrounded by lush foliage, book-shaped flowers, and birds, evoking the dynamism and richness of book publishers

Québec and French-Canadian publishers

Artwork Illustrated by freelance illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier depicting a character practicing self-care by placing a heart at the center of oneself


Theater poster by freelance illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier depicting a pair of shoes in a playful pose, with the shoelaces forming the title of the play Les malheurs de Sophie

Sophie’s Misfortunes

Editorial illustration by Quebecois illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier depicting a couple kissing during a virtual meeting on the Zoom application, with their illuminated faces forming a heart

Love in the age of Covid

Educational illustration of a school poster by illustrator Marie-Joelle Fournier. Books come to life, revealing characters and objects from various literary genres. A character attempts to board a book by clinging onto a bookmark

Promotional high school poster

Editorial illustration by Quebec illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier featuring a character fighting autumn seasonal blues using music and light therapy

A bit of light for November

24 heures de science

Illustrations de Marie-Joelle Fournier dans 'Bienvenue au Canada', livre jeunesse explorant la culture canadienne, publié par Assimil

Welcome to Canada!

Illustration éducative du saumon atlantique par Marie-Joelle Fournier pour la Corporation du bassin de la Jacques-Cartier

The life cycle of the Atlantic salmon

Illustration by Marie-Joëlle Fournier depicting multiple characters coming together to represent the values of social and environmental equity

Bringing humanity to the world of IT

Illustration created by illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier for the Étincelle awards ceremony by the Government of Quebec, featuring a character holding an open book from which fireworks are bursting out

Reading recognition award

Artwork by illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier exploring the theme of spiritual awakening, featuring an unusual character who sees the world through prisms placed in front of their eyes, and whose head appears to emerge from a colorful jet


Artwork illustrated by Marie-Joëlle Fournier that expresses the ephemeral nature of time, where we can see a articulated heart emerging from the chest of a cuckoo bird

The cuckoo

Illustration scientifique pour affiche

Science story

Editorial illustration by Quebec illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier featuring a character attempting to conceal the pollution generated by their company by closing a curtain that creates the illusion of a blue cloudy sky


Love is a cactus

Illustration featuring multiple characters and hands representing leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the workplace by freelance illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier

Illustration web

Screenprint by Canadian french illustrator Marie-Joëlle Fournier depicting hands knitting, expressing the connections that bind us together

Golden thread


The Messengers

Wandering warrior