Reading recognition award

Invitation to the Étincelle awards ceremony of the Quebec Ministry of Education. These awards are intended to recognize the work of members of the school network who are involved in improving the teaching of reading and who fuel the passion for reading in those around

Poster promotionnel pour encoutager la lecture à l'école

Promotional high school poster

Promotional school poster commissioned for Constellation website. The website is a selection of annotated books for young readers in preschool, elementary and secondary school designed and produced by the Direction de la formation générale des jeunes (DFGJ) of the Ministère de l’Éducation. It is intended

Illustration scientifique pour affiche

Science story

Science Poster for Scicomm Collective, a student-led organization. The objective is to connect scientists and artists to foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

Seasonal blues and winter solutions

A bit of light for November

Editorial illustration for the 24Heures magazine. The subject of the article was on strategies for dealing with seasonal blues, using music and light therapy.


A personal exploration on the theme of selfcare and love towards oneself.