Curious, I enjoy working with
a wide range of subjects,
from the lightest to the most complex



More than anything, my goal is to help you give your project a soul and a strong image so it can stand out visually. To do that, I align my creative vision with your aspirations so they can take shape and reflect your vision. In short, I bring all kind of colours, shapes, textures to your idea so that it can suddenly comes alive and unfold on its own.



Let’s bring a touch of color and love to your walls with a piece of art personalized to your uniqueness. I will let inspiration guide me according to your tastes and aspirations to create a symbolic and meaningful artwork that reflects who you are. My intention is to help you create a sacred space that will inspire and support you.



In addition to being a tool for self-knowledge, creativity is a powerful energy that begs to be expressed through you. I am currently developing creative workshops focused on exploring artistic expression and play. My goal is to walk you through a place where you can meet your creative spirit and reconnect with your deep, divine essence.