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Fishing stories

Images have a way of saying out loud what lives in our subconscious, haven’t they? Here, I let my mind and creativity wander and this is what came to be: a board game titled “Fishing Stories.”

The Messengers

For this project, I let my love of oracles and tarot cards inspire me. I create this series of symbolic and playful illustrations for the fun of it.


Sacred nature

Joyful, creative and resilient… Nature always finds its way. Even when faced with adversity. It never ceases to amaze me.  



I have always felt that winter is the best time of year to slow down and reflect. The cold season certainly brings me more clarity and time to focus on new projects. I did this illustration for Chillustration, a monthly illustration event held in Montréal.


Book escape

A personal project that celebrates my love of nature and books. During lockdown, I found that stories were a great way to learn, dream and escape from the everyday.


Between us

At first, I was inspired by an old beatnik party picture. Then I added the swing dance and hula hoops. For me, this illustration depicts the youthful energy that flows between two dancers.


Wandering warrior

Here, I wanted to represent the courage it takes to overcome all our barriers and let go of the things that tie us down. In addition, I wanted to express the liberty that comes when we finally dare to get out of our cage to

The cuckoo

With The Cuckoo, I wanted to express the fragility of things and the swift passage of time. I feel that life is so unexpected and filled with surprises.

Le Montréaler

Le Montréaler is an imaginary magazine cover which pays tribute to The New Yorker’s famous covers. I chose to illustrate the “tam-tams,” an iconic drum circle that takes place every Sunday at Mount Royal Park. If you look carefully, however, I replaced one of the

Golden thread

How do we build relationships? How do we relate to different cultures? What unites us? To create this fanzine screen printing project, I worked with the idea of a “fil d’Ariane” (a golden thread, of sorts) and knitting to represent the connection that exists between