It all started with a blank page. I added some colour to express some emotion. Then some lines, to give it rhythm. And soon, my page turned into a bird. I gave it life when I gave it a part of my soul. That’s when the bird flew off the page. I strapped myself to its wings and we left the frame. Over time, I’ve learned to decode its language and together, we have had all kinds of experiences, from the most colourful to the darkest ones.

Guided sometimes by intuition, sometimes by inspiration, we explore unknown territories where new shapes and visions come into focus. Images and settings appear, like sacred gifts, revealing an element of truth and expression that appeals directly to our soul and senses. When words finally fail us, images take over, sketching new boundaries, new perspectives. The landscapes that were once alive inside us manifest themselves all around us. That’s when the blank page becomes a canvas. That’s where its powers lie: it transports us, and then it transforms us. This bird is now a part of me. It is the very creative energy that lives within me and that brings to life all of these crazy ideas.

One illustration at a time, I wish to stimulate people’s consciousness and imagination by adding a bit of colour on their walls and in their heart. My hope is that, in turn, these images will become stories and will spread their wings, inspiring and fostering dreams in others. As humble as my contribution to the world may be.


My name is Marie-Joëlle and I am an illustrator based in Montréal. I like to tell visual stories using strong and symbolic images. My intention is to trigger an emotional response in people so that their consciousness and imagination are awakened. I am particularly fond of vibrant colours and graphic shapes as well as editorial and social subjects. At the same time, I also have a desire to enhance the spaces and environments that surround me.

I like to work with people whose mission is aligned with mine and who, by their actions and community involvement, make a positive impact on society. In addition to my passion for humans and images, I spend a lot of time with my head upside down to perfect my balance or to wander somewhere in the city or in the middle of forest, on two wheels or two legs.

Together, let’s create a world in our image.


I look forward to working with you!